Quality Improvement

Heritage Sierra Medical Group (HSMG) composes an annual Quality Improvement Program (QIP) and work plan. The Quality Improvement Program specifies the programs goals, objectives, scope, and organization structure as well as performance standards.

The QIP will monitor and evaluate medical care and services throughout the organization to increase cost-effectiveness. Medical Services, Inpatient Services, Clinical Compliance, Quality Management and contracted Behavioral Health Providers all play an equally important role in accomplishing this goal. Each department at HSMG is responsible for meeting set performance standards, reviewing processes and procedures, to ensure we provide excellent service to our members and providers.

If you would like more information regarding HSMG's Quality Improvement Program, please contact the Quality Management department at (661) 273-0100.

For a list of programs and services covered by QI, go to the Programs and Services section.


Policies and Procedures: